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Educational Videos

If you're looking to add more video content to your course for any reason, start here for a comprehensive overview of what your options are and how to prepare.

Marketing Videos

Are you looking to promote you department, an alumni, a research project? Contact our award winning staff that can create a video to reach your audience.

Research Videos

We have years of experience in working with grant sponsored projects to incorporate video into your research.

Live Production

Do you have a concert, graduation, or any event that requires multiple cameras and a live display? We can record or broadcast live to reach beyond the Logan campus.

Media Conversion

Are you stuck with a VHS tape and your classroom only has a computer? We can digitize your media for your class. Contact Becky Thoms for classroom use and she will fill out the form.

Equipment Reservations

As a faculty member, you can check out a camcorder to use for your USU credit bearing course free of charge.

Studio Reservations

Are you teaching a class that's online? Our Video or Lecture Capture rooms are the perfect way to get your content into Canvas.

Event Recordings

Need a class recorded? Do you have a guest lecture you want to show later? Click event recordings above to fill out our request form. Rates begin at $35/hr.

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