Aggie Impact
Growing Plants in Space

Aggie Impact
Making the World Earthquake Resistant

Aggie Impact
Protecting the Nations Water Supply

Aggie Impact
Helping Children Hear The World

Aggie Impact
Helping Feed The World

Heidi Shoell
Heidi balanced raising a family and earning degree through online courses and USU Kaysville.

James Ruesch
James raised his family and worked full time while earning an MBA at USU Kaysville.

Logan Vance
USU Nephi made earning an MBA possible without adding extra commute time.

Lauryn Sanchez
Lauryn turned her passion into a degree in recreation resource management at USU Ephraim. • Information Below Video:

Mike Forbush
Mike maintained his work and family life while earning his MBA at USU Ephraim.

Steven Brough
Steven completed an MBA at USU St. George while working full time.

Kyle Whitaker
Kyle went back school to earn a degree in social work at USU Brigham City.

Mandy Poulsen
Mandy juggled being a mom and taking care of the farm while earning a bachelor’s in special education at USU Nephi.

Tyson Hamilton
Tyson propelled his small business with a bachelor’s degree from USU Tooele.

Donann Dutton
As a working mom, Donnan earned a degree in elementary education at USU Kanab.

Aimee Wells
Aimee made sacrifices to become a teacher through a degree at USU Brigham City.

Kaden Hanks
A bachelor’s degree from USU Ephraim launched Kaden’s career.

Erica McPherson
Erica worked full time on the farm while finishing a bachelor’s at USU Delta.

Shauna Smoot
Shauna went back to school and earned her degree with support from advisors and family.

Kari Phillips
Kari earned a degree as a full-time mom and working professional at USU Kaysville.

Richard Anderson
To advance his career, Richard earned an MBA while staying in a town he loves at USU Nephi.

Rosie Preston
Rosie kept her hobbies and career while earning an MBA at USU St. George.

Become an Aggie Anywhere
Uintah Basin

Michael Kilcrease
Michael earned a degree at USU Kaysville to change his career.

Ali Reese
Ali applied her passion as a rafting guide toward a degree from USU Moab.

Elizabeth Howcraft
Elizabeth fulfilled her dream of earning a master’s degree at USU Uintah Basin in Vernal.

Lisa Wadley
The convenience of USU Kaysville was key for Lisa to earn her degree.

John Esplin
John earned a master’s degree at USU St. George to become a school counselor.

Eric Long
Eric, a Vernal local, wanted a college degree without moving away

Experiencing USU
The Value of a College Degree

Shawn Wilkins
General Technology Graduate

Lori McEntire
After many years, Lori returned and finished her degree

Mark Van Wagoner
After losing his Job, Mark turned to USU

Codye Cunningham
Codye strengthened his career through a bachelor’s degree from USU Salt Lake Center

Jill Burbidge
Jill, a single mom, took advantage of her time in the evening to go back to school and earn a degree at USU Orem.

Chris Vaughan
Chris turned his Tooele Technical College heavy duty diesel certificate into an associate degree at USU Tooele

Carson Leisik
Carson was able to earn his bachelor’s at USU Uintah Basin while living at home.

Hunter & Whitney Morgan
A brother and sister attend USU Brigham City together

Concurrent Enrollment
Liberty jump starts her college education while in high school

Hunter Morgan
Hunter chose to attend USU Brigham City for its close location and tight-knit community.

Emily Afoa
It's never to late to change your career

Victoria Salazar
Victoria is the first in her family to go to college, and she chose USU Tooele.

Sheree Meyer
It's possible to earn a degree after raising a family

Berenice Carmona
Berenice came from a humble town in Mexico, learned how to read, and became a successful college student.

Jaycen Walker
From auto mechanic to nurse, Jaycen shares his USU experience

Miranda Miller
A career change ignited Miranda's passions that led to a nursing career

Paula Roth
Mom and daughter duo embarked on becoming RNs together

Whitney Roth
For Whitney, nursing runs in the family

Lavera Ambrose
Become a Nurse in Blanding

Tooele Nursing
Become a Nurse in Tooele

Brittany Dean
Enjoy a flexible career while making an impact with USU's BSN program

Taylor Albrecht
Prepare for the most competitive hospital units with USU's BSN program

Aggie Impact
Connecting People To The Outdoors

Aggie Impact
Keeping Congress Accountable

Makayla Johnson
Makayla earned her bachelor’s through USU Online and the USU Salt Lake Center

Aggie Impact
Forecasting Our Future

Jamie Jenkins
After taking time away from school to raise her family, Jamie finished her degree at USU Kaysville.

Paula Jones
Paula’s drive to help people motivated her to earn a master’s degree at USU Uintah Basin.

Wildlife Ecology and Management
A look at one of USU Uintah Basin's top programs

Megan Cooper
A role as a coach and mentor for a volleyball team motivated her to earn a degree in psychology and become a counselor.

Cathy Mangum
On her way to becoming a physician, Cathy earned a biology degree at USU Uintah Basin

Camille Plum
To gain clinical experience during her nursing degree, Camille chose to attend USU Uintah Basin.

Aggie Impact
Defending Utah's Crops

Uintah Basin
Campus Tour

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